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What You Need To Do

Your Completed Transcript

  • Give me a call for a price quotation and to determine a deadline (call before 3 p.m. weekdays for price quote).
  • Send tape(s) via Federal Express, Airborne, or UPS (or your carrier of choice) as soon as they become available (if .wav file, upload and e-mail the links to their location).
  • If there is a "Moderator Guide" or other helpful materials, send them along with the tape(s).
  • Make sure to include your name (or contact name), address, and telephone number, as well as the e-mail address to send each completed transcript.
  • That's all there is to it! I'll invoice you at the completion of the project. Tape(s) will be returned to you via carrier of your choice (generally Priority or Regular U.S. Postal Service).
  • Note: If project is extremely lengthy or there are over five (5) tapes, I may request an "agreed upon" prepayment, for which I will submit a "working invoice."

  • Transcript is done in Courier New 12-point font (or you may request your own preferred specifications).
  • Transcript is single-spaced with no special characters, extra tabs, or formatting. Just straight transcript.
  • "Key" at top of first page identifies speakers and how each is denoted in the transcript. If you prefer entire names for each speaker, please request.
  • Title at top of first page indicates subject matter (company, name of interviewee, date, and time).
  • Footer with number on each page.
  • Words in [brackets] indicate what it sounded like, but not sure of word and/or spelling.
  • When people are talking simultaneously and cannot be heard, [talkover] or [inaudible] is inserted when we've listened three times and still can't determine word(s).
  • List on last page (which you may remove) denotes questionable words, phrases, and spellings, as well as description of quality/audibility of tape(s).
  • Last page indicates when transcript was completed, e-mailed, and how and when tape(s) returned.